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Presentations with Microsoft Sway

Create compelling digital stories with Microsoft Sway

Create Compelling Presentations

You shouldn't need a Computer Science degree just to create a slideshow or  presentation. 

Some of us just don't have the energy to deal with 

Microsoft PowerPoint or Mac's Keynote

I mean do you really have time to create a branded PowerPoint presentation?

What if I told you…. You could create an amazing presentation in a few minutes and without fooling around with the format.

Sway is a FREE online multimedia presentation tool


Use Microsoft Sway to create 

Online presentations

Interactive Reports

Slide shows

Photo Collages

Brand Boards

Vision Boards


Digital stories 


With the ability to embed videos, images, social media posts and more, the possibilities are endless.

Don't worry if you couldn't master Microsoft PowerPoint.  

Sway is soooo MUCH easier.  

All you do is add your content and select a design. That's it! You're ready to present.

No more fiddling with heading styles, master templates or slide formatting. 

It's all done for you for FREE. 

Did I mention that this tool is FREE!!!???

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Intro to Microsoft's Free Presentation Tool - Sway


  • Microsoft Sway Quick Start and Resources
  • Sway Presentation Tips and Tricks (Available after July 31st)
  • Next Steps

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