Organize Your Biz with OneNote

Organize Your Biz with Microsoft OneNote

Use Microsoft's FREE online notebook to get organized and save time




  • Organize Your Biz with OneNote (Course will be published on 7/18)
  • Microsoft OneNote 2016 Quick Start Guide (Microsoft's Guide)
  • Microsoft OneNote Templates and Resources
  • So What's Next?

About Your Instructor

Socially Nina Thomas

Socially Nina Thomas

Productivity Trainer

I’m Socially Nina, a Social Media Professor and Productivity Trainer with over 15 years of training experience, specializing in Technology, Leadership and Social Media.

I push passionate, female entrepreneurs closer their dreams - from biz systems and webinar preps to social media strategies and video marketing strategies!

Whether you’re new to the biz game, a new-ish online entrepreneur or a veteran seeking new ways to market your existing brand, baby baby... lemme upgrade you! My passion is helping you create an online presence that oozes confidence, portrays clarity and draws your ideal clients.

Trust me, running a business isn’t as scary as it looks. And now that we’re here together, don’t worry. I got U:)

Ready for Pink Boss status? It starts here!


Great Information

From Tracy Carson

I throughly enjoyed this course as I have had One Note for a while but never knew how to effectively use it. I am a hoarder and will leave open a gazzionl windows which slows down my computer and ...

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Very useful information...

From Anissa Barton-Thompson

I've been a fan of OneNote for about 3 years, but didn't feel like I was really taking advantage of all of its features. Sure enough, Nina gave a concise overview of her workflow and revealed some ...

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Wow what a great tool

From Janza Bonsu

Hello the information about OneNote and how it can be used to improve the efficiency of my business is priceless and it was taught so basic that I immediately began using it.

Great Info & Lesson

From Fatima Grant


From Patti Pennington

I am in love with One note Thank you for this training

One Note

From selphenia nichols

Enjoyed course and learning to get organize through this tool. I will be using for training courses.


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